Landfills, dairy farms, sewage treatment plants, and waste treatment plant all produce natural byproducts like methane, CO2, and other trace components.

This byproduct gas can be treated and turned into biogas which can be used in gas pipelines to provide energy to homes, businesses and industries. Biogas is produced using the anaerobic digestion of waste products that farms, treatment plants, and landfills produce.

However, some harmful gasses are also produced naturally that must be controlled. H2S (hydrogen sulfide) is one of the toxic and harmful byproducts that is produced when creating biogas.

It is important these facilities properly control H2S or it may result in harmful odors (smells like rotting eggs) that can infect a nearby community or homes. Analytical Systems Keco has designed a special H2S Analyzer that gives facilities real-time measurement of H2S concentrations in biogas.

Normally, the H2S limit in biogas is a super low concentration of only 4 ppm. The H2S Analyzer offered by Analytical Systems Keco is unique in it’s ability to accurately and quickly measure H2S in real-time, giving facility operators critical information they need to treat H2S before it is released as a toxic gas to nearby homes or businesses.

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  • H2S Analyzer by KECO

    H2S Analyzer

    This H2S gas analyzer is accurate (PPB levels and up), dependable (no “false positives”) and low-maintenance. All of which are greatly needed in the the petrochemical, gas processing, and…

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  • KECO Portable H2S Analyzer

    Portable H2S Analyzer

    The Series 150 Portable H2S Analyzer Monitor is a completely portable gas analyzer. The analyzer features a cost-effective continuous analysis method for process control, air quality, laboratory, atmospheric monitoring…

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