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CO2 Process Analyzer

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Support Files

Product Description

CO2 Process Analyzer: The petrochemical, gas processing, and gas pipeline industry has required an accurate and dependable, low maintenance and cost-effective Gas CO2 analyzer for quality and process control purposes. Analytical Systems International has met these requirements with their proven microprocessor based non dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer monitor. This method provides continuous on-line analysis. The process stream is regulated to 10 PSI. Then a precision flow meter regulates the sample flow to approximately 1.0 SCFH. Next, the sample is introduced to the specific infrared detection element that provides an output proportional to the concentration of carbon dioxide. This signal, from the CO2 analyzer, is digitized and analyzed by the advanced microprocessor and related software resulting in a line 4-20 MA output, relay alarms, and RS232. The LCD display and associated electronics provides the current reading, previous reading, cycle time, any alarm conditions, procedure prompts (i.e., calibration procedure), and failure indicators (local and remote capability).

The CO2 analyzer can also interact, communicate, and transmit information for other manufacture’s instrumentation. Quality materials are selected for compatibility and are utilized throughout fabrication. Special attention is given to wetted parts that come in contact with the process stream and are selected to be non-reactive.

Continuous Analysis
Multiple Stream Analysis
External Equipment Transmission
Push Button LCD Prompted
Calibration Procedure
RS-232/485 Communication
LCD and Remote Fail Safe Alarm
Historical Events and Date Reports (see below)
Spike Rejection
Automatic Zero
4-20 MA Output
3 Alarm Contacts
Large LCD
Noise Rejection