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Successful Results with Analyzers from Analytical Systems Keco, Liquid Gas Analyzers products

Since 1984, Analytical Systems Keco has worked with refineries, chemical and gas processing plants and other industries world wide to provide proven solutions for their process needs.

Successful Case Studies for Liquid Analyzers & Gas Analyzers


 Application: Measuring H2S in crude oil for safety
Product Type: Model 205 H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer
Goal: The company required a safe method to continuously measure for H2S in the crude oil for transportation safety purposes. The client installed H2S Analyzers to measure H2S in crude for loading/unloading in order to verify the H2S content met the safety requirements for transportation in trucks, pipelines and holding vessels.
Results: The H2S analyzers enhanced safety and protected personnel from exposure to hydrogen sulfide by keeping hydrogen sulfide levels in check for transportation in trucks, pipelines and storage in holding tanks.


Application: Heat Exchanger / Cooling Towers
Product Type: Model 204 Hydrocarbons (VOC) in Water Analyzer
Goal: This ethylene plant had two goals: to prevent the loss of their product; and to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by early detection of hydrocarbon leaks in the cooling water of heat exchanger / cooling towers.
1) Saved the client hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost product by early leak detection in heat exchangers.
2) At a level of 2 PPB, the client was able to take corrective action and benzene concentration began to decrease.
3) A typical cooling tower with 10 PPM by weight hydrocarbon content will emit 15,000 lbs/day lost product at 1,500 million lbs/day flow rate.
4) The TCEQ government environmental regulating body determined that this installation conforms to “Best Available Control Technology” (BACT).


Application: Crude oil stabilizers
Product Type: Model 205, H2S content in Crude Oil Analyzer
Goal: This oil refinery must meet sales permit specifications of their crude oil. The client also needed a continuous, reliable and accurate measurement of the H2S content in crude oil.
1) The client was able to reliably, accurately and continuously measure H2S content level directly in the crude to meet stringent permit specifications for sales purposes using the Model 205, H2S in Crude Analyzer.
2) This greatly reduced client costs by eliminating the need for costly, laborious and inaccurate lab analysis which was required multiple times per day.
3) Outdated laboratory methods require grab samples which deteriorate with time and H2S escapes during sampling.
4) The Model 205 easily and quickly paid for itself by allowing for unattended, accurate and trouble-free online analysis.
Customer Feedback: ”The head of process instrumentation indicated the on-site accuracy verification of the Model 205 was exceptionally accurate and effective H2S content in Crude Oil. He indicated this was the best results he had seen in Aramco cross-tests involving laboratory analytical methods with a process analyzer.”


Application: Monitor Oil in Water for vessel bilge water and produced water
Product Type: Model 204 Oil in Water Monitor
Goal: This client produces water FPSO sea vessels. They needed a highly customized Oil in Water monitor to operate in extreme conditions with caustic sea water service. The product needed to be rugged, and able to withstand the tropical environment and corrosive components in the sample water.
1) Analytical Systems Keco provided a highly efficient and accurate Oil in Water monitor customized for the client’s exact application needs.
2) Provided an ideal analyzer capable of handling toxic components and withstand the extreme operation environment.
Customer Feedback: According to our client, “the competing vendors could not offer this.”


Application: Measure H2S content in waste water
Product Type: Model 205 H2S in Water Analyzer
Goal: This wastewater treatment company needed to prevent odor and costly corrosion repairs to equipment.
1) Analytical Systems Keco saved the client tens of thousands of dollars in costly repairs by preventing inefficient product loading into the wastewater for treatment.
2) Provided an accurate and reliable continuous analyzer to monitor the specific concentration of H2S in the water.

Application: Heating Exchangers and Cooling Towers
Product Type: Model 204 Hydrocarbons in Water Analyzer
Goal: This gas processing company needs to prevent explosions in cooling towers by measuring hydrocarbon leaks in heat exchangers.
1) Williams Energy was faced with a serious problem of preventing their cooling tower from exploding due to leaks in their heat exchangers. They quickly contacted Analytical Systems Keco who provided the Model 204 hydrocarbon in water analyzer to monitor for leaks in their cooling tower water. Analytical Systems Keco analyzers are currently being installed throughout Williams Energy plants in the USA to monitor for leaks down to ppb levels so that early action can be taken before disaster strikes.


Application: Government compliance mandate for hydrocarbons in cooling
Product Type: Model 204 VOC in Water Analyzer
Goal: California’s environmental regulations required this client to use a precise and reliable method to monitor VOCs in the cooling towers for environmental protection.
1) Analytical Systems Keco provided an analyzer to the client enabling them to comply with California’s strict environmental mandate.
2) Enhanced plant safety.
3) Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings and environmental protection.
4) The Model 204 was so successful Shell Global awarded Analytical Systems Keco as Preferred Vendor.

Application: Measure sulfur to protect catalytic beds
Product Type: Series 1700 Total Sulfur Analyzer
Goal: This chemical plant was required to measure their total sulfur in order to prevent costly damage to the system by warning of total sulfur concentrations.
1) The client was able to measure total sulfur with the series 1700 total sulfur analyzer in the catalytic bed to prevent poisoning.
2) This saved the client millions in damages to the catalytic beds.
Customer Feedback: ”Initially, measurement of the output to the catalyst was purchased but after reliable operation and costs savings were verified, analyzers were installed in the plant inlet in the middle of the process and outlet to optimize plant performance and reduce costs associated with catalyst replacement. These analyzers are extremely cost effective.”