Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a corrosive gas often found in natural gas. It is important to measure for CO2 in natural gas and other gasses so that efficient treatment can occur to rid the product of CO2 and maintain value of the product.

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  • CO2 Process Analyzer

    CO2 Process Analyzer: The petrochemical, gas processing, and gas pipeline industry has required an accurate and dependable, low maintenance and cost-effective Gas CO2 analyzer for quality and process control…

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  • Dual H2S + CO2 Gas Analyzer

    Model 2605HC H2S + CO2 Gas Analyzer (two-in-one design) is designed for continuous measurement of Hydrogen Sulde & Carbon Dioxide in Process Gas Streams. The unit is available in various low…

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  • Oil in water monitor Model 204

    Sample Defender for Gas Chromatographs

    A sample conditioning system providing a constant clean and dry sample to analyzers/GCs/detectors for continuous analysis.

    • Provides ultra-pure and ideal gas phase sample to gas chromatographs/analyzers for radically reduced maintenance.

    • Separates…

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