• Dual H2S & CO2 Gas Analyzer
Dual H2S & CO2 Gas Analyzer

Dual H2S & CO2 Gas Analyzer

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Product Description

Our Model 2605HC H2S + CO2 Gas Analyzer (two-in-one design) is designed for continuous measurement of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in process gas streams. The unit is available in various low and high range of measurements.

The unit is cost effective yet highly accurate and reliable and includes a NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure.

The system uses latest in microprocessor and signal conditioning technology. On board interface module provides 4-20mA analog output, three (3) fully programmable alarm relays and RS-485 serial port. A large LCD display with back light and push button switches on the front panel are provided for easy user interface.

Also available are a real-time clock and extended flash memory for historical data logging. The analyzer is rated for Class I, Division 1, Groups B,C,D (explosion proof).

Continuous Analysis
Multiple Stream Analysis
External Equipment Transmission
Push Button LCD Prompted
Calibration Procedure
RS-232/485 Communication
LCD and Remote Fail Safe Alarm
Historical Events and Date Reports (see below)
Spike Rejection
Automatic Zero
4-20 MA Output
3 Alarm Contacts
Large LCD
Noise Rejection