H2S in Diesel Process Analyzer

Model: 205


  • Save on lab analysis costs with unattended online analysis.
  • Economical: Payout within days by reducing regenerator steam consumption to ensure spec sweet gas instead of over stripping. Reduce amine loss thru carry-over.
  • Easy: Calibration is virtually never required.
  • Safe: Hazardous area classifications: Division 1 and 2 (Zone 1 and 2), ATEX and IECEx certificates may be available (added cost).
  • Accurate: Grab samples for the lab deteriorate with time, H2S escapes during sampling. The Model 205 measures continuously, eliminating the need for and inaccurate grab sampling.
  • Dependable: Sample Transfer Stripper™ for sampling radically reduces maintenance by ensuring a clean, dry sample to the analyzer.

Product Description

H2S in Diesel Process Analyzer: The ability to analytically quantify H2S (hydrogen sulfide) in non-volatile liquids, such as naphtha, water, crude oil (light, medium and; heavy), and gasoline, are enhanced with the Sample Transfer Stripper S.T.S. (Exclusive Membrane Technology) and ASTM approved radiometric colorimetric technology methods offered by KECO.

The principle of operation requires a continuous free flowing liquid sample into a heated oven where the Sample Transfer Stripper (S.T.S) unit separates the liquids from the H2S gas sample. An H2S free air or nitrogen carrier then sweeps the H2S gas sample to the H2S analyzer for quantitative analysis in ppb, ppm, and up to saturation levels. A liquid validation by PermTube is optional. The detection technology is based on chemically specific density changes. The sensing tape utilized in this analyzer is the only detection method that is absolutely specific to H2S. Optical illumination and detection are integrated for maximum resolution accuracy. The electrochemical detection method is also available. Economic payout is increased because of this automated continuous process or laboratory analyzer.

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