• H2S in Fuel Oil Analyzer
H2S in crude oil analyzer

H2S in Fuel Oil Analyzer

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Support Files

Product Description

The ability to analytically quantify H2S in fuel oil is enhanced with the Sample Transfer Stripper utilizing exclusive ASI Membrane Technologies and rateometric-colorimetric technologies offered by Analytical Systems Keco.

The principle of operation requires a continuous free flowing liquid sample into a heater where the Sample Transfer Stripper (STS) unit separates the liquids (fuel oil) from the H2S gas sample. An H2S free air or nitrogen carrier then sweeps the H2S gas sample to the H2S detector for quantitative analysis in ppbw, ppmw, and up to saturation. A liquid validation by PermTubeTM is optional. The detection technology is based on chemically specific density changes. The lead acetate sensing tape utilized in our analyzers is the only detection method that is absolutely specific to H2S. Optical illumination & detection are integrated for maximum resolution accuracy. Economic payout is increased because of this automated continuous process analyzer.

• Conformity to ASTM Methods
• Specific to H2S Only
• Accurate and Continuous Analysis
• Quantitative Measurement in PPB, PPM & Percent Levels
• Push Button Validation
• Proven Reliability
• Normal Calibrations Not Required
• Fast Response Time
• Hazardous area classifications: Division 1 and 2 (Zone 1 and 2), ATEX and IECEx certificates may be available (added cost)