Proprietary Technology Developed by KECO

KECO Membrane Technology

PermaStream Membrane Tech Flow Diagram

PermaStream™ and Sample Transfer Stripper (exclusive KECO Membrane Technology): KECO has spent decades developing our unique membrane separation technology that allows us to measure a representative vapor from any liquid stream.

This includes H2S in crude oil, fuels, water and more; VOCs in water; as well as full composition of a liquid sample using a Gas Chromatograph or similar analyzer. Our PermaStream™ allows measurement of vapor phase constituents from a liquid phase sample without the need for sample conditioning like pressure regulators, needle valves, flow meters, or filtration.

This technology far excels traditional head-space stripping columns due to much lower maintenance requirements as our membrane acts as a physical shield against mists, particulates, and contaminates from passing to the gas sensor.

Flow Diagram of PermaStream Membrane Technology

Proven Sensor Technologies

KECO owns unique proprietary sensor technologies that allow a broad range of measurements to help you achieve your process control goals.

The Lead-Acetate Tape method for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and Total Sulfur measurements; Advanced electrochemical cells for cost-effective H2S measurement; NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) sensors for carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements; Unique optical sensor for oxygen (O2) measurement (coming soon), and more.

Analyzer with Proven Sensor Technologies

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

KECO’s analyzers include a large format, color touchscreen for intuitive user control of the analyzer.

The HMI also allows remote connectivity and monitoring of our analyzers in the field over cell-tower data and even satellite which ensures your analyzers will stay online longer. We call this service KECO Connect.

HMI Home Screen
HMI Sensor Settings Page
HMI Temp Controller Screen


We stand behind our analyzers which is why we offer KECO Care: A complete preventative maintenance and service plan which allows KECO techs to ensure your analyzers are online without you having to lift a finger.

Rest assured knowing your analyzers are online 24/7 and keeping your process monitored and under control.