Measuring for hydrocarbons in water is essential in protecting the environment, saving money from loss product, and safety of personnel who may otherwise be exposed to dangerous hydrocarbons. Common applications where hydrocarbon monitors are utilized include: cooling tower water, produced water, heat exchangers, boil condensate, storm run off, and effluent water.

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  • Emissions eliminator for analyzer vents

    Fugitive Emission Control (Emission Eliminator)

    Fugitive Emission Eliminator: Operation of chemical, refineries, gas processing plants, and pipelines often requires the use of chemical analysis instrumentation.

    These instruments frequently require a pressure reference to atmospheric…

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  • Oil in Water Analyzer by KECO

    Hydrocarbon VOC in Water Analyzer

    The ability to analytically quantify total hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in cooling towers, heat exchangers, holding ponds, produced water, run-off water, and waste water is greatly enhanced…

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  • Oil in Water Analyzer by KECO

    Oil in Water Analyzer

    Our oil in water analyzer (also called an oil in water monitor) is very easy to maintain and does not require routine calibrations in the field.

    It is field-proven to…

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  • Sample Defender for Gas Chromatographs

    Sample Defender for Gas Chromatographs

    A sample conditioning system providing a constant clean and dry sample to analyzers/GCs/detectors for continuous analysis.

    • Provides ultra-pure and ideal gas phase sample to gas chromatographs/analyzers for radically reduced maintenance.

    • Separates…

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