Fugitive Emission Control (Emission Eliminator)

Model: Fugitive Emission Eliminator Unit (FECU)

Product Description

Fugitive Emission Eliminator: Operation of chemical, refineries, gas processing plants, and pipelines often requires the use of chemical analysis instrumentation.

These instruments frequently require a pressure reference to atmospheric pressure for operation. This reference is frequently achieved by venting the sample to the atmosphere. These vented samples, generally called fugitive emissions, are air pollutants and contribute to worldwide pollution problems.

The focus of this technology is the use of a catalytic combustion process to oxidize the vented sample while maintaining the atmospheric pressure reference.

The unit utilizes a continuous heat source to allow the oxidation process to be effective on 99% of fugitive emissions. Hydrocarbons are converted to CO2 and water vapor.

The packaging of the system is designed to provide explosion proof protection (Class I Div. I Grp. B, C, & D). This allows application of the technology in hazardous locations.

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