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Laboratory H2S Analyzer

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Product Description

Laboratory H2s Analyzer | The Series 150-Lab analyzer is a bench-top laboratory gas analyzer capable of high precision measurements in the low ppb to high ppm ranges. The gas analyzer features a cost-effective analysis method for process control, air quality, laboratory, and product quality purposes. The analyzer is accurate, dependable, and low maintenance.

The analyzer features the only detection technology capable of measuring hydrogen sulfide without interference or ‘false positives’ from other components. The microprocessor-based technology provides analysis based on the specific and interference free ASTM approved tape detection of operation.

Analysis is a quick procedure requiring only one push button for analysis. The user first connects the prepared sample to the analyzer through an 1/8th” tube fitting. An optional Sample Cylinder with regulator is available for high pressure applications. Next, the user presses START on the analyzer’s keypad. The rest of the analysis is automatic: The sample is quickly analyzed by the H2S specific detector (no cross-interference) for quantitative analysis in ppb or ppm. The analysis time is quick (typically 5 to 10 minutes) without compromising precision. Tape rolls will last several months with continuous operation.

The principle of operation is described in various ASTM methods include D4084-82, D4468-85, and D4045-81. Users demand Analytical System Keco’s H2S analyzer due to its precision, simplicity and reliability proven by thousands of worldwide installations around the globe.

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• ASTM approved method of detection
• Specific to hydrogen sulfide only
• Automatic self-zero
• Does not suffer from sensor ‘zero drift’
• Calibrations rarely required
• Fault diagnostics
• Sample Cylinder for high pressure samples (optional)
• Compact size (10″ x 12″ x 6″) and lightweight (10 lbs)

• Rapid hydrogen sulfide specific analysis
• Testing laboratories
• Food & Beverage industries
• Pulp & Paper industries
• Gas terminal operators
• LPG/LNG/Gasses
• Inspection laboratories
• Independent testing