• No Sample Conditioning Required
  • Ultra-low Maintenance
  • Dependable Operation
  • Consumable Free

Product Description

The KECO 204 PermaStream™ accurately measures total hydrocarbons / VOCs including aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. KECO Membrane Technology eliminate false high readings and false high alarms as seen in UV Fluorescence Methods. The online analysis provided by the Model 204 PermaStream™ is economically superior to inaccurate laboratory analyzers where unstable grab samples result in VOC deterioration which produces analytical errors. The water sample continuously flows into the analyzer and the heated PermaStream™ unit effectively strips the hydrocarbons in the water based on Henry’s Law. A carrier air then sweeps the hydrocarbons from the PermaStream™ and transports them to the metal-oxide sensor for a quantitative analysis. The advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface) quantifies and displays the values on the color touchscreen display, 4-20mA output loop and can communicate via RS-485, TCP/IP Ethernet and Modbus. Remote and Web based monitoring and control of the analyzer is available as an option.

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