H2S in Gas Analyzer (Electrochemical)

Model: SulfurHound


  • Measure H2S in nat gas, biogas, air, etc.
  • Built for Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous locations
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Low maintenance / few moving parts
  • No paper-tapes, solutions, or scrubbers

Product Description

The petrochemical, gas processing, biogas, landfill and gas pipeline industries has for many years needed an accurate, dependable, efficient, and cost-effective trend H2S analyzer for quality and process control purposes. Now, KECO has met these requirements with a proven microprocessor based technology which provides continuous on-line analysis based on the electrochemical principal of operation. The gas being analyzed for H2S is regulated to approximately 10 PSI, then a flowmeter regulates the flow to 1.5 SCFH.

Next, the sample is introduced to the electrochemical detection element which provides an output proportional to the concentration of H2S. The signal is then digitized and analyzed by the advanced microprocessor and related software. The color touchscreen LCD display provides the current reading, previous reading, historical and real-time charts, any alarm condition, procedure prompts (such as calibration procedure), and failure indicators (local and remote capability). Quality materials are selected for their compatibility and are utilized throughout fabrication. Special attention is given to wetted parts that come in contact with the process stream and are selected to be non-reactive and appropriate for H2S service.

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