• Field-proven reliability proven by thousands of applications
  • Specific to H2S only. No “false positives”, ever
  • Automatic self-zero
  • Does not suffer from sensor “zero drift”
  • Fault Diagnostics relay alarm
  • Conformity to ASTM methods
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Long tape life: As few as 4 tape changes per year
  • Remote and Web based monitoring/control of analyzer
  • Hazardous area classification: Division 1 and 2, Zone 1 and 2 (certifications, if available, are at an additional cost)

Product Description

This H2S gas analyzer is accurate (PPB levels and up), dependable (no “false positives”) and low-maintenance. All of which are greatly needed in the the petrochemical, gas processing, and gas pipeline industry for quality and process control purposes. With over thirty years of experience in developing and manufacturing H2S analyzers and associated parts and supplies, KECO has met these requirements with their proven microprocessor based natural gas H2S analyzer. This hydrogen sulfide (H2S) analyzer or monitor provides continuous on-line process analysis based on the specific and interference free ASTM approved tape principle of operation.

The process stream is regulated to 10 PSI by the provided pressure regulator. Then a precision flow meter on the analyzer regulates the sample flow and is humidified. Next, the sample is introduced to the specific lead acetate sensing tape that provides an output proportional to the concentration of H2S analyzer through the photodiode detector and LED light source optical system. This signal is digitized and analyzed by the advanced microprocessor and related software resulting in a linear 4-20 mA output. The LCD display provides the current reading, any alarm condition, procedure prompts (i.e. calibration), and failure indicators. Quality materials are selected for compatibility and are utilized throughout the manufacturing process.

This reliable and field proven H2S analyzer system continuously and specifically quantifies the H2S levels in the sample with minimal maintenance. The principle of operation is described in various ASTM methods include D4084-82, D4468-85, and D4045-81.

The rateometric-colorimetric tape detector offered by KECO is the only H2S detection method that is free from cross-interference and will not suffer from “false positives” like other H2S analyzer methods. Users demand KECO’s H2S analyzer due to its precision and reliability proven by thousands of worldwide installations around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an H2S analyzer?
An H2S analyzer measures for hydrogen sulfide in gas and LPG samples such as in gas pipelines for the oil and gas industry and digestors for biogas and water treatment plants.

Do H2S analyzers suffer from false-positives?
Yes, most H2S analyzers suffer from false positives except lead-acetate tape method analyzers which are specific only to H2S. Electrochemical, TDL and UV all suffer from false positives when components such as ethyl-mercaptans and methyl-mercaptans and other components are present in the sample gas being measured.

How much do H2S analyzers cost?
The price for H2S analyzer varies based on the options required such as hazardous area location ratings, the full scale range of the analyzer, and other factors.

Are H2S analyzers able to be installed outdoors?
Yes, H2S analyzers by KECO are rated for outdoor installations. KECO can equip analyzers with internal heaters and thermostats to ensure the analyzer does not freeze in cold weather environments.

How does an H2S analyzer work?
Lead-acetate tape H2S analyzers work by specifically measuring for H2S in real-time and continuously. A sample is extracted from a natural gas pipeline or other sample source and tubed to the analyzer input. The gas then flows past the H2S specific tape which quantifies the H2S content based on the rate of change of color. This means the analyzer automatically self-zeros itself and does not require a zero gas calibration. The lead-acetate H2S analyzer holds it’s calibration long-term.

Which H2S analyzer is the best?
Tape H2S analyzers are superior to other H2s analyzer methods including TDL, UV, and electrochemical because lead-acetate tape H2S analyzers are specific only to H2S and do not suffer from false-positives. Lead-acetate tape H2S analyzers are also simplistic analyzers that do not require frequent re-calibrations like other H2S analyzers. They are easy to understand and to work on and do not require calibration techs.

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