Cassette Sensing Tape Cartridge

Model: Lead-acetate cassette cartridges

Product Description

Cassette Sensing Tape Cartridge: KECO manufactures high-quality cassette tape for Thermo Fisher or Houston Atlas H2S analyzers and Total Sulfur analyzers. These cassette tape cartridges are individually tested to ensure consistent product quality before every shipment.

  • Manufactured brand new in USA by KECO
  • High strength sensing tape in every cassette tape cartridge
  • High quality control standards for consistent measurements and analytical precision
  • Mil-spec foil packaging for long shelf life (8+ years)
  • Cassette tape cartridges compatible with Thermo Fisher or Houston Altas XVI total sulfur analyzers and H2S analyzers
  • ~75 feet standard length
  • Competitive pricing

Cassette Tape for H2S / Total Sulfur Sensing:
75 ft. length | P/N: 001513

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