Lead Acetate H2S Sensing Tape

Model: Lead-acetate tape roll

Product Description

Lead Acetate H2S Sensing Tape is used for the specific quantification of hydrogen sulfide, the H2S sensing tape is prepared by impregnating lead acetate and other essential components (both inert and active) into the paper tape. This formula, the treating process, and the ambient conditions are all critical to the success of the manufacturing process of hydrogen sulfide sensing tape. KECO ensures each step of the tape manufacturing process meets the rigorous quality control standards implemented to ensure the highest quality H2S sensing tapes on the market.

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  • Strongest sensing tape available
  • Consistent quality control means high precision for every tape roll
  • High quality, mil-spec foil packaging
  • 8+ year shelf life
  • Tape reels compatible with Galvanic, Houston Atlas Tracor, Delmar, Envent and other brand tape analyzers
  • 100, 200 and 300 foot tape rolls
  • Cassette tape rolls with cost-effective pricing

H2S Sensing Tape Cassette lead-acetate H2S sensing tapes

100 foot rolls P/N: 000098
(100′ rolls last ~60 to 120 days with KECO analyzers)

Thermo / Tracor / Houston Atlas
100 foot rolls P/N: 000098
200 foot rolls P/N: 000098A
300 foot rolls P/N: 000098B
Cassette Tape Cartridges P/N: 001513

100 foot rolls P/N: CO 0081
200 foot rolls P/N: –
300 foot rolls P/N: CO 0329

100 foot rolls P/N: 305-0007-00
200 foot rolls P/N: 305-0007-01
300 foot rolls P/N: –

100 foot rolls P/N: 330131XS
200 foot rolls P/N: 330136XS
300 foot rolls P/N: 330133XS

Cassette H2S Sensing Tape (for Houston Atlas Tracor):
75 ft. length | P/N: 001513

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