Cooling towers at plant

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Water analyzer at industrial facility

Heat Exchanger and Cooling Towers

Product Type:
Model 204-V-VOC in Water Analyzer


This ethylene plant had two goals: to prevent the loss of their product; and to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by early detection of hydrcarbon leaks in the water of heat exchanger / cooling towers.


1) Saved the client hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost product by early leak detection in heat exchangers.

2) At a level of 2 PPB, the client was able to take corrective action and benzene concentration began to decrease.

3) A typical cooling tower with 10 PPM by weight hydrocarbon content will emit 15,000 lbs/day lost product at 1,500 million lbs/day flow rate.

4) The TCEQ government environmental regulating body determined that this installation conforms to “Best Available vControl Technology” (BACT).