Leading Manufacturer of Liquid & Gas Analyzers Provides Sole H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer that Does Not Suffer from False Positives Even When Background Stream Change

H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer Analytical Systems Keco, a Houston-based gas refining, manufacturing and transporting processes analysis firm, produces the only dependable H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer (Model 205) that does not produce suffer cross-interference from background components.

The H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer has the ability to analytically quantify H2S in light, medium and heavy crude oil. The unit is enhanced by the Sample Transfer Stripper (STS) incorporating exclusive ASI Membrane Technology as well as ratiometric colorimetric H2S detection technologies.

Optical illumination and detection are integrated for maximum resolution and accuracy. Analytical Systems Keco offers a laboratory version as well (Model 205L).

There are a variety of uses for this analyzer. This model eliminates health risks of transportation personnel by safely measuring H2S content in a closed-loop system before transporting crude oil in trailers, rail cars and pipelines, and other vessels ensuring the safety of all operators involved. Another use involves quality control. This model measure H2S at all times which ensures the most accurate and up-to-date data available to operators. In addition, this model continuously measures H2S to guarantee product meets specifications without personnel attendance required or lab analysis via grab samples. The analyzer also assists with corrosion control because it will accurately measure H2S levels and allow historical data to help treat the crude oil before costly measures must be taken.

“The H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer is one of a kind because it is specific to H2S only. There is no risk of cross-interference, and no field calibrations are required,” said Wes Kimbell, Business Development Manager at Analytical Systems Keco. “An additional benefit of this specific analyzer is the ultra low-maintenance component, as the advanced H2S Detector is hassle-free.”

This reliable analyzer has been proven by hundreds of installations and commercial-technical certificates from major oil and gas producers around the world.

About Analytical Systems Keco
Analytical Systems Keco was established in 1984, employing staff with over 40 years of analytical experience. The Houston based company provides field-proven, liquid and gas phase on-line continuous process analyzers to the gas processing, pipeline, refining and chemical, industries worldwide. Many ASTM methods, patents, and exclusive features are utilized with Analytical Systems’ analyzers. For more information, visithttp://www.liquidgasanalyzers.com