Analytical Systems Keco Recently Releases the 205L Laboratory H2S in Liquids Analyzer

Analytical Systems Keco, a Houston-based gas refining, manufacturing and transporting processes analysis firm, recently released the 205L Laboratory H2S in Liquids Analyzer. The 205L Laboratory H2S in Liquids Analyzer has the ability to analytically quantify H2S liquids such as crude oil, fuel oil, naphtha, water, diesel, and gasoline.

Enhanced with Sample Transfer StripperTM, using exclusive ASI Membrane Technologies, and ratiometric colorimetric technologies, analysis is a quick procedure requiring only one push button.

One major defect in other analytical methods is they suffer from interferences with non-H2S sulfur chemicals, CO, H2, hydrocarbons, or other components which may be present in crude or other liquid samples. However, the 205L takes a rather simple and direct approach to solve this defect by offering a detector that responds only to H2S, proven by thousands of worldwide applications where this detector is utilized.

Other analytical methods also tend to calibrate using only a blended gas phase sample (which can compromise a true liquid to a gas phase conversion), whereas the 205L is fully factory calibrated with actual liquid samples in a process attributable to NISTstandards.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued warnings of H2S as an irritant and chemical asphyxiant that can alter both oxygen utilization and the central nervous system. Health and safety issues can arise through the transport and storing of sour crude oil and condensate in trucks, trains, pipelines, and vessels.

“Our new laboratory analyzer for H2S in crude oil ties in with safety because it allows users to test for H2S in their crude oil, condensate and other liquid products before they transport or store the product for safety purposes,” said Wes Kimbell, Business Development Manager at Analytical Systems Keco. “This can assist in preventing health risks to personnel transporting the sour crude oil and condensate as well as pedestrians in accident cases.”

About Analytical Systems Keco
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