• Ultra Low Sulfur Analyzer (Laboratory)

Ultra Low Sulfur Analyzer (Laboratory)

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Product Description

There is a great need in the petroleum fuel and oil industry for an accurate and low maintenance sulfur analyzer for compliance verification of ultra low sulfur in petroleum, fuels.

Analytical Systems Keco has met this demand by developing and manufacturing sulfur analyzers with a unique and proven microprocessor based analyzer, which provides analysis based on the only absolutely specific lead acetate principal of operation.

The Model 856-150 system measures ultra low sulfur concentrations by hydrogenation, similar to that as described in ASTM Method D3031, D4084-82, D4468-85, and 4045-81. The achievable lower detectable limit with this model is in the low ppb range.

The sulfur sample is precisely metered into a continuous flowing stream of hydrogen gas.

The sample and hydrogen are heated in the furnace resulting in thermal cracking of the sulfur which are reduced to short chain hydrocarbons.

These reactions result in the formation of H2S.

After complete humidification of the sample the H2S comes in direct contact with the lead acetate tape which produces a darkening of lead sulfide immediately measured by the photodiode and LED sensor and rate-of-reaction digital electronics to provide an accurate and reproducible ultra low sulfur or H2S analysis in PPB or PPM ranges.

The unit is capable of ultra low sulfur measurements in liquids (fuels, oils), gas, and LPG/LNG samples.

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-Reliably measure ultra low sulfur fuels, petroleum, oils, gas, LNG, LPG
-Specific to sulfurs only. No false positives, ever
-Measure down to PPB, PPM and up