HOUSTON, Texas -Analyzers produced by Analytical Systems Keco that measure for oil in water now have a new feature that will give users a new tool to more efficiently monitor their process. The new feature, called the ‘True Dual Stream’ system, allows the analyzer to measure two separate sample streams simultaneously.

The True Dual Stream feature allows one Oil in Water Analyzer system to measure two sample streams simultaneously without the need for troublesome stream switching systems.

Traditional analyzers only allow one sample stream to be analyzed at a time. If two or more sample streams need to be analyzed, traditional analyzers must switch between the streams. This results in “lag time” and therefore a slowed response time.

The True Dual Stream system made available in the oil in water analyzers by Analytical Systems Keco eliminate lag time and ensure continuously fast response on two streams independently.

The True Dual Stream system in the Model 204 Oil in Water Analyzer incorporates complete and true dual stream flow paths, dual standard sampling systems (including pressure regulators, needle valves, flow meters, and secondary filters), dual sensors, and readout electronics with no switch or lag time.

The Model 204 Oil / Hydrocarbon in Water Analyzer greatly enhances the ability to analytically quantify total hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in cooling towers, heat exchangers, holding ponds, run-off water, produced water and waste water due to the Sample Transfer Stripper (exclusive ASI Membrane Technology) and the tin oxide sensor technologies offered by Analytical Systems. This model’s system utilizes patented and exclusive features only available from Analytical Systems.

The field-proven analyzers maintain accuracy long term with very minimal maintenance requirements. The analyzers do not require calibrations in the field and have no moving parts and have no periodic supply items.

“The ability to measure two process streams simultaneously with only one analyzer saves users significant money,” said Wes Kimbell, Business Development Manager at Analytical Systems Keco. “And with no lag time, users will have uninterrupted monitoring of their process streams without missing a beat.”

In addition to Liquid Analyzers, Analytical Systems provides analyzers for both gas and crude oil. The company’s reliable gas, liquid and crude oil analyzers have been proven by countless installations and commercial-technical certificates from major oil and gas producers worldwide.