Measuring Hydrogen Sulfide in crude oil (H2S): The 205 is the only field-proven analyzer to continuously measure hydrogen sulfide in crude oil, conforming to ASTM methods. The Model 205 (H2S in Crude Analyzer) is trusted by international oil and gas companies to reliably measure H2S in crude oil and other liquids. With countless installations around the globe, the Model 205 is capable of measuring down to ppb, ppm and up to percent levels with field calibrations virtually never required. The analyzer does not suffer from a ‘zero drift’ and is the only technology available specific only to H2S without cross interference from background components. For inquiries call us at 001 (281) 516-3950 or fill out our Quote Request form here.

H2S in Crude Oil Analyzer

-No field calibrations required
-Specific only to H2S
-Conformity to ASTM approved methods
-Measures ppb, ppm and up to saturation levels
-Field-proven reliability
-Awards by Shell, Chevron, Aramco and more
-Very quick pay-out