Analytical Systems has released the 205L, a laboratory analyzer capable of accurately and quickly measuring H2S in liquid samples. The 205L is a small form (12″ H x 30″ W, 35 lbs), bench-top analyzer capable of measuring H2S in liquids, including light crude oil, diesel and water. The 205L is used by laboratory technicians who require an accurate and specific analysis of H2S in liquid samples. The 205L is capable of measuring down to low ppm levels in approximately 10-15 minutes. The unit does not suffer from cross-interference and measures H2S specifically due to the ASTM approved Tape method.

205L-Lab-H2S-in-Liquids-AnalyzerThe new lab analyzer is based on the same technology as the successful model 205 on-line process analyzer, with units operating successfully world-wide. The 205 has earned Analytical Systems ‘Preferred Vendor’ status from many companies including status from Chevron and Saudi Aramco. For more information click here, contact, or fill out a Quote Request Form by click the top right “Request Quote” button.