Leading Manufacturer of Liquid, Gas & Crude Oil Analyzers Provides Gas H2S Analyzer for Industry Quality and Process Control Purposes

Analytical Systems Keco
, a Houston-based manufacturing firm serving the oil & gas, transporting and chemical industries now produces an accurate and dependable Gas H2S Analyzer (Series 1200) that is specific only to H2S (hydrogen sulfide).

h2s-analyzer-1200Background components other than H2S in the sample will not be measured by the analyzer, thus eliminating a “false positive”—an event that causes the analyzer to read higher values than reality.

A “false positive” reading can mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost product due to unnecessary shut-in of a pipeline.

This hydrogen sulfide analyzer supplies continuous processing analysis based on the specific and interference-free ratiometric / colorimetric principles of operation. With the process stream regulated to 10 PSI, a precision flow meter then regulates the sample flow and is humidified. The sample is then introduced to the H2S specific sensing ribbon that provides an output proportional to the concentration of H2S through the photodiode detector and LED light source optical system.

After this, the signal is digitized and analyzed by the advanced microprocessor and related software. The LCD display will show readings for any procedure prompts, failure indicators or alarm conditions. The analyzer communicates by talking with communications hardware via a traditional 4-20mA loop output or can wirelessly communicate to a desktop computer.

The Gas H2S Analyzer is accurate down to single digit ppb (parts per billion) levels; dependable because it is specific only to H2S; and, requires little maintenance for the petrochemical, gas processing and gas pipeline industry for quality and process control purposes.

“With over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing H2S analyzers and associated parts and supplies, we have met these three specific requirements with our proven microprocessor-based H2S analyzer,” said Wes Kimbell, Business Development Manager at Analytical Systems Keco.

In addition to the H2S gas analyzers, Analytical Systems provides H2S analyzers for liquids including crude oil and various water sample–from produced water to cooling tower water. The company’s reliable gas, liquid and crude oil analyzers have been proven by countless installations and commercial-technical certificates from major oil and gas producers worldwide.

About Analytical Systems Keco

Analytical Systems Keco was established in 1984, employing staff with over 40 years of analytical experience. The Houston based company provides field-proven, liquid and gas phase on-line process analyzers to the gas processing, pipeline, refining and chemical, industries worldwide. Many ASTM methods, patents, and exclusive features are utilized with Analytical Systems’ analyzers.

For more information, visit http://www.liquidgasanalyzers.com or call 281-516-3950.